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DALL-E 3 vs. Midjourney: A Facet by Facet High quality Comparability

There’s no use sugar-coating it: algorithms have taken over the world. What began as the topic of widespread science fiction movies has now change into important to our every day lives. We stay in a world the place synthetic intelligence can do your schoolwork, write poetry, automate enterprise processes, even rely what number of oranges we now have within the fridge.

My favourite use of AI? Making artwork.

A number of days in the past, after a lot hypothesis, OpenAI made an announcement that obtained the AI group speaking: the discharge of DALL-E 3.

Lots of people on Twitter have been pondering Midjourney was lifeless. I imply, a viable competitor that has API entry and does not depend on discord? It is over – proper?

Clearly each of those instruments work higher in their very own worlds, however I believe the hole is narrowing as to which is the only option to make use of. DALL-E 3 appears to be like a lot extra severe than what got here earlier than it.

So now, does DALL-E 3 even have what it takes to beat Midjourney as the most well-liked AI picture generator? Let’s examine them each.

What are DALL-E 3 and Midjourney?

DALL-E 3 is OpenAI’s new AI picture technology mannequin that was launched earlier within the week. Like its predecessors, DALL-E 3 is ready to generate extra sensible and detailed photographs from prompts.

With this new mannequin, OpenAI ensures a extra “nuanced and contextual picture technology” that doesn’t ignore a single line of immediate.

From their web site examples, it appears to be like like DALL-E 3 can generate photographs with a lot better inventive expression, textual content technology, and class than DALL-E 2.

DALL-E 2 vs. DALL-E 3

DALL-E 3 is about to be out there to the general public by ChatGPT Plus in October 2023.

Midjourney has been king for greater than a yr now. On a floor stage, what makes Midjourney completely different is that it doesn’t exist as a separate platform however reasonably a bot built-in in Discord.

Regardless that that is fairly annoying, it nonetheless has gained a major and constant following due to its creativity and a focus to element. I believe up till this week it was undoubtably the most effective AI picture generator for the typical artist. This week that line is extra blurred.

Midjourney Landing Page

I’ve been utilizing Midjourney for a lot of months now and I’m greater than glad with their capabilities. That stated, I’m at all times looking out for brand spanking new improvements — and it appears to be like like DALL-E 3 is definitely promising (no offense to DALL-E 2… but it surely was nothing in comparison with MJ).

Does DALL-E 3 Now Look Higher Than Midjourney?

As of proper now, no person has entry to make use of DALL-E 3 publicly till October, so we will solely examine primarily based on the samples they placed on their web site.

I logged into Discord, used the identical prompts with Midjourney to check, and put them side-by-side for comparability.

Notice that each one DALL-E 3 art work will both be on the left or prime of the picture comparisons, whereas Midjourney’s will both be on the proper or the underside.

Listed below are the outcomes:

Life like Generations

An elegant chair with a design harking back to a pumpkin’s kind, with deep orange cushioning, in a trendy loft setting.

DALL-E 3 vs. Midjourney: Realistic Generations

Each DALL-E 3 and Midjourney did an superior job at capturing the essence of this immediate. The previous produced a shiny, photo-realistic loft through the afternoon with the couch firmly in the course of the artwork, whereas the latter’s output is much more moody and has an aura of sophistication.

For this immediate, I’d say DALL-E 3’s picture is much more detailed however I nonetheless favor Midjourney due to the distinction and the unbelievable job it did at simulating gentle and shadows.

Stylized Generations

A silhouette of a grand piano overlooking a dusky cityscape seen from a top-floor penthouse, rendered within the daring and vivid model of a classic poster.

DALL-E 3 vs. Midjourney: Stylized

I have to say, I’m stunned at how related these two photographs look. Aside from the lacking music rack within the Midjourney one, I’d say these pianos are similar. The immediate didn’t even specify New York Metropolis, however they each have the Chrysler constructing’s silhouette within the background.

Just like the final one, I’d describe DALL-E 3’s output as being extra detailed, particularly within the background. It has bolder colours that evoke emotions much like jazz music. However, Midjourney’s output has a softer texture and palette. However, if I have been to choose one, I’d give this to DALL-E 3 — it feels extra coherent as an artwork piece and I significantly love the way in which they stylized the clouds.

Digital Illustration

Digital illustration of a seaside scene crafted with yarn. The sandy seaside is depicted with beige yarn, waves are manufactured from blue and white yarn crashing into the shore. A yarn solar units on the horizon, casting a heat glow. Yarn palm timber sway gently, and little yarn seashells dot the shoreline.

That is the place we begin seeing a distinction between outputs of DALL-E 3 and Midjourney. On first impression, I vastly most well-liked Midjourney’s output: it feels extra like a digital illustration and the artwork model they went for is less difficult on the eyes. It’s stunning, although I’d say a few of the yarns seemed like pasta.

Nevertheless, if we’re being strict, I’d have to present this spherical to DALL-E 3 for one cause: it adopted the immediate. It might be little, however there was a line there that stated the solar needed to be manufactured from yarn too. And, as somebody who generally turns into too pissed off with Midjourney’s stubbornness, consideration to element is a top quality I tremendously recognize.

Pixel Artwork

Pixel artwork scene of Coit Tower standing tall on Telegraph Hill, with a panoramic view of town beneath and birds flying round.

DALL-E 3 vs. Midjourney: Pixel Art

For me, there’s a transparent winner on this spherical. Whereas Midjourney’s art work is a valiant and delightful try, DALL-E 3 is the one who produced true pixel artwork. Should you zoom into Midjourney’s piece, you’d see that it’s so much softer and is equally animated to some Disney motion pictures whereas DALL-E 3 has such wealthy particulars whereas staying true to its immediate — you possibly can’ve stated it was a nonetheless from an 8-bit sport and I wouldn’t bat an eye fixed.

Surrealist Artwork

An enormous panorama made solely of assorted meats spreads out earlier than the viewer. tender, succulent hills of roast beef, rooster drumstick timber, bacon rivers, and ham boulders create a surreal, but appetizing scene. the sky is adorned with pepperoni solar and salami clouds.

DALL-E 3 vs. Midjourney: Surrealism

That is one other occasion the place these two instruments went in a totally completely different course. There’s a lot to like with these generated artworks, however DALL-E as soon as once more triumphs over Midjourney on this immediate. 

I couldn’t describe it with any phrases aside from it’s so weird. DALL-E 3 managed to seize that dreamlike high quality that fanatics search in surrealist artwork. It’s absurd, subversive, and a little bit psychedelic, which is exactly what the immediate requested for.

In the meantime, Midjourney has a extra grounded output. It manages to maintain that sense of caprice that’s current in surrealism but it surely’s subdued to the purpose of mainstream. However, it managed to comply with the immediate moderately properly. I solely have one query for Midjourney although: the place is the pepperoni solar?!

Flat Design

Flat design illustration of a various household of monsters. The group features a furry brown monster, a glossy black monster with antennae, a noticed inexperienced monster, and a tiny polka-dotted monster, all interacting in a playful method.

DALL-E 3 vs. Midjourney: Flat Design

So far as creativity goes, Midjourney and DALL-E each gave a passable output for the immediate. Nevertheless, this spherical belongs to DALL-E solely as a result of it managed to supply the entire characters listed within the immediate whereas Midjourney solely gave us the fuzzy brown and the inexperienced noticed monster.


An ink sketch model illustration of a small hedgehog holding a bit of watermelon with its tiny paws, taking little bites with its eyes closed in delight.

DALL-E 3 vs. Midjourney: Sketch

Hedgehog? Test. Watermelon? Test. Cute tiny paws? Test.

For easy prompts, it looks as if DALL-E 3 and Midjourney produce related art work. That stated, I’m going to need to award DALL-E 3 one other level as a result of it understood the immediate to a tee, together with the closed eyes and taking bites of the watermelon.

Botanical Illustration

An vintage botanical illustration drawn with tremendous traces and a contact of watercolor whimsy, depicting an odd lily crossed with a Venus flytrap, its petals poised as if able to snap shut on any unsuspecting bugs.

DALL-E 3 vs. Midjourney: Botanical Illustration

As a fan of this artwork model, these are phenomenal. They each evoke a slight feeling of surprise that’s current in related artworks. So far as context goes, these look precisely like a bizarre mash-up of Venus flytraps and lilies, in a great way. DALL-E 3’s drawing has much more distinction whereas Midjourney’s has much more delicate particulars that mix collectively.

I’ve no selection — I have to give this spherical a tie.

Oil Portray

An in depth oil portray of an outdated sea captain, steering his ship by a storm. Saltwater is splashing towards his weathered face, willpower in his eyes. Twirling malevolent clouds are seen above and stern waves threaten to submerge the ship whereas seagulls dive and twirl by the chaotic panorama. Thunder and lights embark within the distance, illuminating the scene with an eerie inexperienced glow.

DALL-E 3 vs. Midjourney: Oil Painting

If I have been to explain these in a single phrase, I’d use “breathtaking.” Generative AI artwork has actually stepped up its sport the previous few years — and these are proof of that.

Let’s begin with Midjourney’s piece: it’s by-product of art work from the Baroque interval. It does properly to seize the weariness of an outdated sea captain. You’ll be able to nearly hear the crashing waves on this portray. The main points just like the water crashing on the ship cabin and the solar peeking on the horizon are additionally top-notch. I vastly favor this one to DALL-E’s.

That stated, DALL-E’s generated output manages to seize each element within the immediate, from the seagulls to the inexperienced glow. Nevertheless, I’m not an enormous fan of the personification of the clouds to make it seem malevolent; generally, simplicity triumphs model.

3D Renders

A 3D render of a espresso mug positioned on a window sill throughout a stormy day. The storm outdoors the window is mirrored within the espresso, with miniature lightning bolts and turbulent waves seen contained in the mug. The room is dimly lit, including to the dramatic environment.

DALL-E 3 vs. Midjourney: 3D Renders

I’m merely blown away at how properly DALL-E does at this spherical. Don’t get me improper — I nonetheless like Midjourney’s output, but it surely’s just too (for the shortage of a greater phrase) pedestrian. It’s much like different art work I’ve seen on-line, and I couldn’t even see the waves contained in the mug.

However, DALL-E 3 was in a position to present an distinctive rendering of the storm and crashing waves contained in the espresso cup. Aside from that, the lighting from the little gentle bulbs on the aspect was a pleasant contact and well-executed.


A contemporary architectural constructing with massive glass home windows, located on a cliff overlooking a serene ocean at sundown.

DALL-E 3 vs. Midjourney: Architecture

I’d like to stay in both of those two homes however, if I have been to decide on which one is healthier designed, I’m going with DALL-E 3’s. Now, I’m not an architect however certainly placing the design on Midjourney’s render isn’t secure. 

For the background, I nonetheless favor DALL-E’s gentle blue and orange hue to Midjourney’s extra subdued palette. I additionally actually like the main points on the opposite cliffs from the previous, in addition to the reflection of the clouds on the ocean.


A minimap diorama of a restaurant adorned with indoor vegetation. Picket beams crisscross above, and a chilly brew station stands out with tiny bottles and glasses.

This one’s a no brainer, for my part. DALL-E 3’s espresso store has a extra welcoming ambiance and I significantly love the little “Chilly Brew” signal on the wall, which is already an enormous enchancment over DALL-E 2 contemplating my expertise with attempting to generate textual content with it.

Nevertheless, the lighting and distinction on Midjourney’s espresso store is simply immaculate. Greater than that, I really like how detailed it’s. From the vegetation to the espresso machine, each little nook has its personal persona. For that cause, this one’s clearly a degree for Midjourney.

Excessive-Context Prompts

A middle-aged lady of Asian descent, her darkish hair streaked with silver, seems fractured and splintered, intricately embedded inside a sea of damaged porcelain. The porcelain glistens with splatter paint patterns in a harmonious mix of shiny and matte blues, greens, oranges, and reds, capturing her dance in a surreal juxtaposition of motion and stillness. Her pores and skin tone, a light-weight hue just like the porcelain, provides an nearly mystical high quality to her kind.

DALL-E 3 vs. Midjourney: High Context Prompts

Let’s be actual: Many of the earlier prompts have been already high-context and Midjourney didn’t comply with each single one in all them. However, let’s give it an opportunity — perhaps, this time, it’ll do a greater job of following the immediate.

Sadly, that’s not the case. To be truthful, each of them failed from the very starting. The immediate requested for a middle-aged lady however DALL-E 3’s most important topic is just too outdated, whereas Midjourney’s is just too younger. What saves DALL-E 3, nonetheless, is that it’s proper extra typically than it’s improper.

That’s why DALL-E 3 notches one other level.

Low-Context Prompts

Lychee-inspired spherical chair, with a bumpy white exterior and plush inside, set towards a tropical wallpaper.

DALL-E 3 vs. Midjourney: Low Context Prompts

Let’s finish this the identical method we began: with a chair. It is likely to be my private choice, however these need to be a few of the most uncomfortable chairs I’ve seen in my life. I imply, at my top how would you even slot in these?!

Anyway, I’m getting off-track. As soon as once more, DALL-E 3 wins out of nuance and contextual understanding alone. Whereas I favor all the pieces in Midjourney’s output, the outside of the chair isn’t bumpy in any respect.

The Verdict

With a rating of 11.5 out of 14, DALL-E 3 wins this head-to-head battle with Midjourney.

Nonetheless, I am going to acknowledge that these aren’t photographs custom-generated by me: these are curated art work that OpenAI handpicked and placed on their gallery to showcase the capabilities of DALL-E 3. 

Whereas I personally most well-liked Midjourney’s artwork model total, what made DALL-E 3 stand out is its higher understanding of prompts. It dealt with hyper-specific requests very well and infrequently made a mistake in its generations.

It’s additionally value mentioning that that is the third iteration of DALL-E 3, whereas Midjourney is technically nonetheless an open beta. Nevertheless, with rumors of Midjourney v6 being across the nook, I’m excited to see how properly it shapes as much as DALL-E.

For now, I’ve to crown DALL-E 3 the winner. And, if this can be a preview of what’s to come back, I can’t wait to check DALL-E 3 sooner or later.

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